Alchemic Phoenix

Welcome to my carrd! I'm Roy, a disabled freelance artist and twitch streamer. You'll also see other names used to refer to me (ex: Sparky & Phoenix)! I may eventually get into physical art products, candle-making, etc. I happen to be a huge nerd and love lots of things!


★— Roy —★

24 · he/they/xe · ND/AuDHD · Disabled

Hello! This page is a WIP

Art by Skylleon

Genshin, Warrior Cats, Overwatch, VLD, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mass Effect, Avatar the Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, How to Train Your Dragon, LOTR/The Hobbit, Dark Souls, Star Wars, Runescape, Wings of Fire
Minecraft, Overwatch 2, Mass Effect Series, Dead by Daylight, Don't Starve, Runescape, Elden Ring, Stardew Valley, Horizon Series, Genshin Impact, Wolfquest, 7 Days to Die, V Rising, Phasmophobia, Hunt Showdown, Fortnite, The Forest, Skyrim
Cosplay, gardening [herbalist], roleplaying [semi-lit+], gaming, writing
Things I collect (or want to)
succulents, cacti, herbs, plants, halloween items, wiccan supplies, incense, candles, dried petals, bones, shells, wood, big sticks, books, antiques, trinkets, plushies, sci-fi objects, fandom merch, die-cast planes, furry related stuff, cosplay props, signs, etc
Things I like/love
space, sci-fi, advanced tech, beaches, forests, the paranormal, autumn/fall, halloween, urban exploration, survival games, planes, old buildings and cars, castles, cryptids, quiet/peaceful places, soft rain, various different aesthetics
Things I hate
deep or murky water, heights, areas too crowded, loud noise or banging, thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, strong wind, dogs that bark constantly, bugs/insects, parasites, complete darkness [esp if alone], static/white noise



The following information must be filled out!

Character REF:
Theme: (props, simplified backgrounds, misc)
Background Scene: (detailed options only)
Additional information:
Contact Method: email, discord, twitter, etc




Commission Status🟢 OPEN

3 available

Symmetrical Icon
$10 💵

Symmetrical headshot on a 300x300 canvas, with coloured lines & optional coloured background.

$20 💵

+ Shading = $10

Headshot/Bust doodle of your character on a medium or large canvas size. Comes with transparent and coloured/simplified background versions by default.

Mini Chibi
$25 💵

+ Shading = $10
+ Extra Character = $20

Fullbody drawn in a Chibi style on a smaller canvas size. Pattern background optional.

Profile Icon
$35 💵

+ Shading = $15
+ Couples Icon = $30
+ Detailed Background = $25

Large Icon featuring a headshot/bust of your character. Automatically includes any accessories and a simplified background. Can be dynamic or symmetrical.

$45 💵

+ Shading = $20
+ Extra Character = $40

Fullbody drawn in a more "semi-realistic" style [large canvas size]. Automatically includes any accessories. Can do a simplified background upon request!

Mini REF Sheet
$55 💵

Eye Close-up & Small/Simple Accessories may be added for free!

Automatically includes; 1 fullbody, 1 headshot, base pallet, name, gender identity, pronouns. Background can be transparent or a simple colour.

Automatically includes; 2 fullbodies (left and right), 1 headshot, base pallet, eyes close-up, nose and paws detail, name, gender identity, pronouns. Additional text may be added for free!

Complex existing designs and/or accessories may require additional charges!

Standard REF Sheet
starts at $65 💵

+ 1 Bust = $15
+ 1 Chibi Fullbody = $20
+ 1 Chibi w/ Accessories = $25

Base price of $65 is for EXISTING designs you already own. Custom Design prices (including accessories) are listed below;+ Simple = $5-10
+ Semi-Complex = $15-$30
+ Complex = $40-$50
+ Ultra Complex = $60-$70
+ Replication Nightmare = $80-$100+

Fullbody w/ Scene
starts at $80 💵

+ Extra Character = $50

Fullbody drawn in a more "semi-realistic" style [large canvas size]. This type comes with shading and a detailed background with any kind of scenery. Automatically includes any accessories, armour, etc.Orders MUST be as detailed to make your commission as accurate as possible. Final price will be determined by scenery.


NOTICE: By commissioning or completing a finalized sale with the artist [me], the customer [you] fully agrees to follow and abide by the artist's complete terms and conditions listed. Failure to follow or intentional breakage of the artist's TERMS OF SERVICE will result in termination of any incomplete commissions, or refusal to go through with or finalize any general business transactions with the customer. This may include the potential to be blocked and/or blacklisted from doing future business of any kind with the artist, but is NOT guaranteed, as it is determined on a case-by-case basis. Terms and conditions may be added, changed, or removed without notice to customers.Please contact the artist if there are any issues!I REFUSE TO DO ANY NFTS!

【SECTION 1】 Universal Guidelines

  1. REJECTION OR TERMINATION: I have full rights to reject or terminate any business transaction(s) between the customer and I. Reasons include but are not limited to: Lack of communication on the customer's end, unnecessary rudeness, spamming, harassment, block evasion, unwanted sexual or creepy or unsettling messages, stalking, suspicion of art or character theft, identity theft [impersonation], or any other inappropriate action or behavior that makes me uncomfortable to continue working with you as a client. In the event that a paid commission is terminated, the commissioner will be refunded either partially or in full. I am not required to inform the customer as to why their business transaction has been rejected or terminated.

  2. TURNAROUND TIME: I will do my best to complete a commission within a reasonable time period [3-5 months wait-time is the estimated max]. However, I am disabled with various medical issues. Therefor I may be unavailable communication wise, or time taken away to work on your commission due to; medical appointments, therapy sessions, catching an illness, needing personal space to recoup, or anything else that may be considered a medical emergency. By doing any business transactions with me, you are aware that my turnaround time may be disrupted.

  3. UNFINISHED WORK: I retain full rights to reuse unfinished or partially completed work that has been cancelled, terminated, or refunded (whether partially or in full). This includes any sketches I have created. The artwork will be altered so that it no longer resembles your character [exceptions are generic animals that have no unique physical features], and made into a base/YCH/etc. Alternatively, unfinished artwork may be used in a future commission [sketch phase] or personal piece.

【SECTION 2】 Artist Preferences

  1. ARTIST WILL DRAW OR INCLUDE: Canon characters (ex: Warriors), canines, felines, rodents, rabbits/hares, fantasy creatures (within reason), most open & closed species, clothing, armour, weapons, prosthetic limbs, accessories, etc. If it can be replicated, it can be drawn!

  2. ARTIST WILL NOT DRAW OR INCLUDE: Hoofed animals, gore that exceeds minor blood/injuries, designs or additional items that are too complex to comfortably replicate, NSFW, fetishes, CP/cub/babyfur, nazi or alt-right symbols/etc, hateful propaganda, hate speech, derogatory slurs, or discrimination of any kind.

  3. ARTIST IS PRACTICING: Human/oids, anthros, and aliens (will accept commissions of these in the future, but not now!)

【SECTION 3】 Order & Payment Process

  1. COMMISSION DETAILS: Details must be given to me before payment is received. It is the customer's responsibility to provide me with the appropriate information that is needed for the commission. Additionally, a clear reference is needed. This means the provided character reference must be easy to colour-pick, and have clear markings. I do not accept them if they are fuzzy or warped, or otherwise have markings that are hard to decipher. If I suspect the artwork or character is stolen, it will be automatically rejected.

  2. CURRENCY: I live in the United States, therefor all prices are USD based. Please be aware of this when completing any business transaction with me. If you live in another country, PayPal will automatically convert your currency to the USD price. If you need help regarding currency conversion, click here for a free conversion calculator.

  3. FULL PAYMENT: Commissions will not be added to my trello queue, or general business transaction considered complete, until full payment has been sent. At the moment, payments are sent through paypal. Customers have the option of choosing to send it themselves as goods/services [username included in notes], or have an invoice sent to them after providing their paypal email. If the customer has not paid within 72 hours, the business transaction will be considered cancelled.

  4. BEGGING OR HAGGLING: I will not change flat prices, add-on prices, additional charges, etc. Do not request free or discounted artwork. Trying to get free/discounted work is considered begging or haggling. This kind of behavior will never be tolerated. Repeatedly attempting to get free or discounted artwork from me will result in being blocked, and block evasion to continue this behavior will result in being permanently blacklisted from doing ANY business transactions with me.

【SECTION 4】 Commission Process

  1. DEADLINES: Deadlines are NOT permitted and never will be. It adds unnecessary pressure on my end. Please do not intentionally pressure me to rush your business transaction, especially if there are other customers who have been waiting longer than you. It's rude and inconsiderate towards both myself and other customers.

  2. UPDATES: Updates will be given periodically while I work on your order, to let you know what stage it is at, or if it has been completed. If you wish to receive the initial sketch before I go into later stages of the commission [ie: Linework+], please let me know! Otherwise, I will assume you do not want sketches, and only wish to see the final product.

  3. SKETCHING - EDITS: I will allow minor edits for any sketches that have been provided to you for approval. Requesting constant small edits or repeatedly being indecisive (including bigger edits) will result in you being charged for "overtime" spent completing your commission. This price will vary depending on the amount of edits requested.

  4. ADJUSTMENTS OR REDO REQUESTS: If something minor or important is missing and its my fault, please notify me immediately! I will fix the error with no extra charge. However, I will never completely redo a completed commission piece. Completed commissions are NOT refundable. No exceptions.

【SECTION 5】 Refund Policy

  1. AVAILABILITY: Refunds are available 74 days (2.5 months) after the commission has been officially added to the queue. You cannot request a refund BEFORE the time period provided has passed. If you are eligible for a refund and wish to receive it, PLEASE contact me through any official social medias of mine. I will respond to your message when I'm available to do so, and manually send a refund back to you! Depending on the commission's stage in completion, it will either be a partial refund or a full refund.

  2. PARTIAL REFUNDS: When your commission has reached a specific stage in completion, depending on what add-ons may be attached, a full refund is no longer available, in the event that you no longer want the commission. At the lining stage, you will be refunded 50% of what you paid. Once it has reached flat-colour or further (such as shading, background work, etc), you will be refunded 25% of what you paid. You will also be contacted about the refund.

  3. FULL REFUNDS: If I am unable to complete your commission or it has been terminated, and has not exceeded the sketching stage, you will automatically be refunded the full price you paid for the commission. You will also be contacted about the refund.

  4. REGARDING CHARGEBACKS: Random chargebacks on in-progress commissions [without any form of communication], finalized sales, completed commissions, completed refunds, or otherwise nonrefundable business transactions will be seen as a form of scamming or fraud, and treated as such. If you wish to receive a refund regarding an in-progress commission, please follow the instructions listed at the beginning of this section.

【SECTION 6】 Art Copyright & Usage

  1. ARTIST'S RIGHTS: I, the artist, retain full rights to use commissioned artwork for public posting on any social medias, art-based websites, or galleries on any official accounts owned by me. It may also be showcased in portfolios or advertisements, provided as examples of my work, etc. I will never use commissioned pieces for personal profit. Do not claim my artwork as your own creation, nor should you remove my signature/watermark. Doing so repeatedly will result in being blacklisted from any future commissions or sales.

  2. NON-COMMERCIAL: All primary commissions are considered personal and fall under non-commercial use. Customers should be aware of this upon ordering. This means you CANNOT use the non-commercial artwork you commissioned for profit or merch of any kind, whether its physically or digitally. However, you may use these pieces for personal use however you see fit.

  3. COMMERCIAL: Please check Section 7 for more information regarding commercial design usage. For regular commissions, I do not accept commercial-related business transactions or royalties at this time. I will also never participate in nfts. Do not contact me about them.

  4. REUPLOADING - CREDIT: Any commissioned or bought artwork should not be re-uploaded to ART-SITE GALLERIES without explicit permission (examples; DeviantART, FurAffinity, etc). Other websites are fine, as long as proper credit is given towards me and any official accounts I own are listed or tagged. If I already have it posted on any official accounts I own, I would appreciate if the original post was retweeted, reblogged, shared, etc.

  5. DECOR: If you wish to use any artwork you commissioned or bought as a decoration piece in your coding, CSS, personal website, character storage, excreta, please include proper credit with any official accounts I own.

【SECTION 7】 Design Copyright & Usage

  1. All designs sold or commissioned have a NO REFUND policy once paid for and the design has been received by the customer. Do not buy or commission designs for the sole purpose of flipping them to make a profit. If you do this, you will be permanently blacklisted/blocked for scalping.

  2. FURSUIT PREMADE DESIGNS: IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE A DESIGN FOR DIRECTLY TURNING INTO A PREMADE FURSUIT, PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY. All purchases with the intent of resale as a premade fursuit must be approved by me. These designs are considered a commercial purchase, and will have a flat-rate commercial charge based on the design. Unless the design is for an official mascot with merchandise, I will never insist on royalties.

  3. CREDIT: Please credit me as the designer. Do NOT claim my designs as your own creation simply because you bought or commissioned it. Doing this repeatedly will result in being blacklisted from ALL future business transactions.

  4. OWNERSHIP: The customer has rights to keep the character design after they have paid in full. They may resell it, trade it, gift it, or even trash it (aka get rid of its existence). The design's appearance may be altered as well. If it is too drastic from the original, the owner may credit themselves for the altered/different design. However, the original design must remain credited towards the artist.

  5. RESELLING: If the design is being resold, it is a common curtsey please don't sell it for more than they paid for. This is lifted when additional pieces are added to it after purchase. Once additional artwork or literature has been added, you may price it however you want to.

【SECTION 8】 Customer Privacy

  1. Information or data collected from the customer (you) is purely on a voluntary basis. For example, if you are paying through paypal it will automatically give me your legal name, despite the fact that this information is not needed for digital goods (ie: digital artwork). Sensitive/personal data stays confidential between the customer (you) and the artist (me).

  2. DATA THAT MAY BE COLLECTED: Paypal email, legal first and last name, address [if automatically given by paypal], any social medias the customer has used to contact me, and any additional data voluntarily given to the artist.