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Hello! My name is Roy. I'm a disabled, independent freelance artist creating original artwork, writing, webcomics, and fan-related works. I have two cats (Salem and Lily) + a chinchilla (Maes). I love to write, paint, cosplay, play D&D, go on hikes, birdwatch, do gardening/herbalism, and more!I'm also an eclectic pagan. I actively practice various branches of witchcraft, and I have a strong belief in spirituality and the paranormal.

You can read my webcomic, heaven's fatal flaw, on any of these websites

Art Related Questions

What programs do you use for your digital creations?I use a combination of SAI 2 and CSP 1.0 for my hand-drawn artwork. I also have blender downloaded for 3D digital sculpting. For mobile, I currently use Procreate with an Apple Pen (Gen 2).
What kind of drawing tablet do you have?I still use a wacom intuos pro (medium)! Its several years old and will be need to be replaced soon. I'm thinking of getting a Huion tablet next.
Can I reupload your original art or fanart to xyz website?NO. Unless you are the commissioner, and using it for things like coding, character profiles, etc, you are not allowed to reupload my artwork ANYWHERE. This includes other art gallery websites such as DeviantART, FurAffinity, ETC.
Can I use your fanart as a profile Icon or banner on my social media account?I do not mind this as long as I'm properly credited for my fanart and it is NOT a commissioned piece of art. However; I retain the right to block people who violates my boundaries in general.
Can you draw [xyz] for me?I do not accept requests for free artwork from anyone.
May I commission you?When my commissions are open, you are more than welcome to send an order through the google form I have provided!
When will my commission be completed?Please refer to my TERMS of SERVICE for turnaround time information. It may vary due to complexity of the commission and character design.

Character Related Questions

Can I use [xyz] character of yours in a roleplay, D&D campaign, etc?No. These characters are extremely personal and I do not want anyone else using them. Some of them represent myself, others are made for my own fictional worlds, and a few of them are fandom OCs with their own AUs and worldbuilding.
Can I kin [xyz] character of yours?No, especially if you are kinning them to claim them as you or your own property. End of story.
May I create fanart or fanfics of [xyz] character? I really like them and just want to draw or write about them!Of course! I do not mind people making fan works of my characters. Just make sure to properly credit me as the creator of said character. The only characters you can create fanfiction for are my fandom related OCs.
May I create NSFW fanart or fanfics of [xyz] character?Please ask me directly before making NSFW of any character I own. Sometimes I do not mind, but other characters are strictly off limits for this unless I am commissioning someone.

Animal Related Questions

How old is your Chinchilla?Maes was born in 2015 from a local, ethical chinchilla breeder focused on the health and coat quality of their chinchillas. He is currently 9 years old! Did you know? Domesticated Chinchillas can live upwards to 15-20 years!
Any advice for people that wish to own or adopt a Chinchilla as a pet?The pet Chinchillas you see today were originally domesticated as farm livestock, for their fur, to curb the illegal poaching of wild Chinchillas in the Andes Mountain Range. They are a life commitment, require a large enclosure, need enrichment, and like any rodent their teeth continually grow their entire life. They need sticks, lava cubes, timothy hay blocks, etc for them to chew on and naturally file down their teeth. The Chinchilla itself and the enclosure is expensive. Always do your research before getting an exotic pet.
Where do I get a Chinchilla?I do not recommend purchasing Chinchillas from pet stores. They are often from unethical breeding mills, and purchasing a petstore Chinchilla encourages this system to continue. Please adopt one from a shelter or purchase from ethical chinchilla breeders only.
Why do you call Salem stinky all the time :(Because very stinky gorls get called stinky smelly for being a silly dumb creature. There are no thoughts behind those empty eyeballs.
Why do you use a happy hoodie for your cats?It helps deafen loud noises and keep them still when I need to do important things like claw trimming, using dandruff spray, very rare bath time, etc. They ALWAYS get treats afterwards for being very good and very brave girls!

MISC Questions

What park do you volunteer at and where is it?I will not reveal this information for personal safety. There are way too many unhinged weirdos on the internet, and considering I'm a queer disabled person, I don't trust said weirdos to resist doing something insanely stupid that threatens the safety of myself, fellow volunteers, or park staff.
Why do you volunteer?I enjoy it! I cannot work, but I still need something to do, and working in a nature environment is perfect for me.
Have you ever considered getting a college degree for anything related to nature?I have considered becoming a Naturalist and getting a degree related to it. However, I currently do not have the money or time for it. Maybe one day when I am older and my life has settled more, I will try to pursue it.
What is your Religion?I believe in Paganism and actively practice Witchcraft. I would be considered an eclectic pagan due to my various beliefs and practices.
Do you believe in the paranormal?I do, yes! I believe paranormal entities exist. I've had plenty of my own experiences. The paranormal is simply a type of science, and natural part of the world, we have yet to understand properly.
Do you believe in gods or deities?I believe powerful beings exist in general, but I don't think any of them are all powerful creators of the universe. They were created by (literal) stardust just like the rest of us. The way they function just happens to be difficult for our human brains to comprehend.
What disabilities do you have?I have a large combination of both mental and physical disabilities, many of them I was born with. I am not going to list them all, nor should I have to in order to prove I am disabled.
Do you participate in the thing where people kin fictional characters?To an extent, yes! It is a coping mechanism of mine. I do not truly believe I'm the character itself. I make sure to establish proper boundaries and avoid delving into inappropriate and/or unhealthy habits. I rarely, if ever, directly interact with the community itself.
Are you a Therian?To an extent, yes! I am also otherkin. All other info from the above question applies here too.
What is your stance on feral nsfw?I am extremely uncomfortable with it and refuse to draw it. I will block any accounts I see that have it in their gallery, likes/faves, etc as a personal boundary.

My commissions are currently OPEN with no closing date.

The amount of commission slots available to reserve are listed to the right. To request a slot, please click the "commission requests" button and fill out the google form provided. You will be contacted for additional information and payment when your request has been accepted.

  • 1 commission slot open

  • 1 commission slot open

  • 1 commission slot open

symmetrical style10 usd
standard style25 usd
experimental stylePWYW
headshot |or| bust20 usd
miniature chibi10 usd
standard chibi25 usd
standard fullbody30 usd
rendered scene50+ usd
miniscule detail40 usd
standard detail50+ usd
custom design only30+ usd
super simple5-10 usd
simple10-20 usd
semi complex20-30 usd
complex30-50 usd
ultra complex50-70 usd
replication nightmare70-100+ usd

If you are looking for NSFW commissions, they are closed at this time.

Commission Details & Examples

headshot or bust

  • 5 usd for shading

  • 15 usd for every extra character

miniature chibi

  • 2 usd for shading

  • 5 usd for every extra character

standard chibi

  • 2 usd for shading

  • 5 usd for every extra character

standard fullbody

  • 10 usd for shading

  • 25 usd for every extra character

rendered scene

  • 50 usd for every extra character

Price starts at 50 usd. MUST be as detailed to make your commission as accurate as possible. Final price will be determined by scenery.

regular experimental

Experimentals are pay what you want, otherwise known as PWYW commissions. This commission type allows for more experimentation from the artist. Results vary depending on price.

icon - symmetrical

  • free coloured lines

icon - standard

  • 10 usd for shading

  • free (optional) pride flags or simple backgrounds

icon - experimental

Experimentals are pay what you want, otherwise known as PWYW commissions. This commission type allows for more experimentation from the artist. Results vary depending on price.

ref - miniscule

  • free eye close up

  • free optional accessories (simple)

  • free optional background (basic)

basic reference sheet that consists of a singular fullbody and symmetrical headshot of your character.includes; color pallet, name, species, gender, identity, and pronouns

ref - standard

  • 10 usd for an additional bust

  • 10 usd to add a plain chibi

  • 25 usd to add a chibi w/ accessories

detailed reference sheet that consists of a symmetrical headshot and two fullbodies showcasing the left and right side of your characteralso includes; accessories, color pallet, name, species, gender, identity, pronouns, and any other additional information wanted

custom designs

  • 5-10 usd for super simple designs

  • 10-20 usd for simple designs

  • 20-30 usd for semi-complex designs

  • 30-50 usd for complex designs

  • 50-70 usd for ultra-complex designs

  • 70-100 usd OR MORE for replication nightmares

Customers will be charged for custom designs based on the complexity of the character. Base price starts at 30 usd, which is the flat price of a standard fullbody. Final price depends on which kind of complexity is determined.

By commissioning the artist, the client consents and agrees to the terms and service contents listed below. The terms and conditions listed within the artist's "Terms of Service" are non-negotiable. Intentional breakage of this terms of service will result in being blocked on social media, blacklisted from any future business transactions, and denied future contact for direct communication.

General Terms and Conditions

I do NOT condone or consent to any creation of mine being used in AI or turned into an NFT. Do not reproduce, edit, or alter any material without my direct permission.

Do not remove my watermark under any circumstances.

You must be 16 or older to commission me.

Full payment only. I do not accept partial payment or payment plans.

Details regarding your commission must be given and accepted BEFORE I receive payment.

Flat prices and estimated quotes are final. Do not harass me for free or discounted prices.

Payments are accepted through kofi or paypal. Prices are USD based and all payments must be sent as USD. If you need help regarding currency conversion, click here for a free conversion calculator.

Please behave in a semi-professional or casual manner during any form of open communication with me. I will not tolerate rude, discriminatory, sexual, parasocial, or other types of inappropriate behavior towards me.

I retain full rights to refuse all services, cancel an in-process commission with a partial refund, and/or blacklist a client for continually violating my boundaries and/or breaking the terms of service.

Please provide a NON SHADED and clear reference sheet. Any commission requests where I cannot easily decipher the colors and/or markings will be rejected.

It is the client's responsibility to provide me with all of the information needed for their commission. What you order is what you will receive.

I am not responsible for the client's lack of communication with me during any part of the active commission process.

I am not responsible for the client changing their direct forms of contact and not informing me of these changes.


  • If I can replicate it, I will draw it

  • furries

  • most animal OCs

  • most fantasy creatures/species

  • canon characters (ex: warrior cats)

  • artistic nudity

  • minor/soft nsfw

  • blood, injury, and minor gore

  • clothing, armour, weaponry, accessories, etc


  • anything too complicated to replicate

  • anything discriminatory

  • extreme gore

  • fetish bait

  • feral nsfw

  • cub/loli/shota/etc

  • OCs with pawprints on thighs

  • human/oids [for now]

  • explicit NSFW and certain kinks or fetishes [for now]

Commission Process

Once a commission has been approved, the client has 3 days [72 hours] to send payment. If full payment has not been sent by the time 72hrs are up, the slot becomes available again to the public.

Commissions are only added to the queue when full payment is received.

A sketch will be sent for feedback and approval. If I do not receive a response, I will assume it has been approved and complete it as-is.

Turnaround time will vary depending on the commission. Clients should expect a waiting time of anywhere from 1-4 weeks, on average, to an estimated maximum of 3-5 months for larger and more complex commissions. Turnaround time may be temporarily disrupted from time to time.

Deadlines demanded by the client are not permitted.

Edit requests and character swaps are freely permitted during the sketching phase. If you wish to change any characters for your commission, or see something that needs editing, please notify me when I send the sketch for approval. After a certain amount of swaps or edits, I will start charging additional fees. Please note that constantly requesting various edits, and never being satisfied, may result in your order being canceled and receiving a 75% refund.

After 3-5 edit requests, additional edits are a $1 USD fee minimum.

After 2 character swaps, additional swaps are a $10 USD fee minimum.

If there are markings, accessories, or additional details missing, that were originally clarified in your commission, or directly communicated to me during the commission process, I will correct the issue as soon as I can! Any edit requests during this stage, that are NOT corrections, will be denied.

Refund Policy

🔻 IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING REFUNDS AND CHARGEBACKS 🔻the artist is responsible for sending refunds to the client, not paypal/kofi/etc. if you wish to receive a refund on an in-process order, please contact the artist directly. they will respond and send you the appropriate amount as soon as possible!If a client proceeds to file a chargeback despite; no communication with the artist, already receiving a refund, receiving an already completed commission, or paying for a non-refundable item (adoptable design, p2u lines, etc) - the artist will fight the chargeback ontop of publicly blacklisting the client for scamming/fraud.

Refunds become available 1.5 months [45 days] after the commission has officially been accepted, payment sent and received, and added to the queue. If you are eligible for a refund and wish to have your order canceled, PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY!!! Refunds are based on the completion stage.

I retain full rights to reject or cancel any payment transactions between myself and the client. If a paid commission is canceled for any reason and it has not been completed, the client will be refunded based on the commission's completion stage.

0% completion :: 100% refund
25% completion :: 75% refund
50% completion :: 50% refund
75% completion :: 25% refund
100% completion :: No refund

Tips are non-refundable.

"Adoptable" designs are non-refundable.

Premade digital goods are non-refundable.

If I am unable to complete a commission for any reason, the client will be contacted directly and automatically receive a 100% refund.

If a commission is canceled and refunded, and the work is unfinished or partially completed, I retain full rights to alter and reuse the artwork in order to cover the loss.

I am not financially responsible for the client's relationships with other people. I do not allow refunds for completed artwork involving other peoples' characters. By commissioning me, you are fully aware that these orders will not be refunded.

I maintain full rights to immediately block communication with and blacklist a client if the client is found endorsing or otherwise participating in things such as zoophilia, pedophilia, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, racism, nazism, zionism, etc. In the event that a client is blacklisted for the following reasons above, they will ONLY receive a 25% refund.

Copyright Policy

I maintain full rights and copyright for all of my creations, both digital and physical. These creations may be used for public posting on any social medias, art-based websites, or galleries on any official accounts owned by me. They may also be showcased in portfolios or advertisements, provided as examples of my work, etc.

All of my work should not be re-uploaded to other websites, including art site galleries, without explicit permission from me. This includes DeviantART, FurAffinity, Sheezy, or any other site that allows image uploading. If I have already posted on any official accounts they own, please retweet, reblog, share the link, etc.

All commissions I complete are considered personal by default, therefor fall under non-commercial usage. Customers cannot use personal commissions for profit. This includes physical merchandise of any kind.

Clients may use their commissions for any form of personal usage, as long as it does not break my terms of service (ie: NFT or AI use).

Never claim my creations as your own (aka "you made it").

Please credit me for the original design and/or artwork for any "adoptable" designs purchased from me. Claiming the original as your own creation is dishonest and rude.

Ownership of "adoptable" designs purchased from me will always be the customer's to keep. Major altercations or complete redesigns are permitted.

if you wish to purchase or commission a design specifically for creating premade fursuits, please contact me directly.All purchases with the intent of resale as a premade fursuit must be approved by me first. These designs are considered a commercial purchase, and will have a flat-rate commercial charge based on the design. Unless the design is for an official mascot with merchandise, I will never insist on royalties.