About the artist

★—Roy / Cyrus—★

25 · he/they/xe · Disabled · Park Volunteer

Hello! My name is Roy. I'm a disabled freelance artist and park volunteer. Occasionally I livestream my artwork and gaming on twitch! I may eventually get into physical art products, candle-making, etc. I happen to be a huge nerd and love lots of things!

What do you draw with?Intuos Pro [medium size], and apple pencil for mobile.
What programs do you use?I primarily use a combination of SAI 2 and CSP EX on my PC. On mobile, I only use ProCreate.
Can you draw my character?I do not accept free requests to draw, sorry! However, you are more than welcome to commission me. I also occasionally accept art trades.
How do I commission you?Click on the "order a comm" button! It will take you to a google form. When my commissions are open, I will accept submitted forms and contact you regarding your commission and payment.
Can I use your characters for (thing here)?No. All of my characters are personal creations, I do not allow usage of them in anything at all (including D&D campaigns). Please respect my boundaries.

Art by faewulv

my interests

CURRENT FANDOMS :: d&d | warrior cats | genshin impact | fma | mass effect | avatar universe (atla/tlok) | httyd | runescape⛧☾༺♰༻☽⛧MULTIPLAYER GAMES I CURRENTLY PLAY :: minecraft | warframe | overwatch 2 | dead by daylight | runescape | wolfquest | genshin | 7 days to die | v rising | phasmophobia | valheim | red dead II online | destiny 2 | fortnite | sons of the forest | ark survival evolved⛧☾༺♰༻☽⛧HOBBIES :: Cosplay, renfaire, dungeons & dragons, gardening, herbalism, hiking, roleplaying [semi-lit+], gaming, writing, painting, and some other random stuff!THINGS I COLLECT (or want to) :: succulents, cacti, herbs/plants, halloween items, incense, candles, dried petals, bones, shells, wood, big sticks, books, antiques, trinkets, plushies, sci-fi objects, fandom merch, die-cast planes, furry related stuff, cosplay props, etc⛧☾༺♰༻☽⛧LIKES :: space, sci-fi, advanced tech, beaches, forests, the paranormal, autumn/fall, halloween, urban exploration, survival games, planes, old buildings and cars, castles, cryptids, quiet/peaceful places, soft rain, various different aestheticsDISLIKES :: deep or murky water, heights, areas too crowded, loud noise or banging, thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, strong wind, dogs that bark constantly, bugs/insects, parasites, complete darkness [esp if alone], static/white noise

Commission pricings

commissions are currently OPEN

primary commission types

headshot | bust💵 20 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

♰ Shading = $10
♰ Extra Character = $15

Headshot/Bust doodle of your character on a medium or large canvas size. Comes with transparent and coloured/simplified background versions by default.

mini chibi💵 25 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

♰ Shading = $10
♰ Extra Character = $20

Chibi-styled Fullbody on a smaller canvas size.
Pattern background optional.

standard fullbody💵 45 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

♰ Shading = $20
♰ Extra Character = $40

Fullbody drawn in a more "semi-realistic" style [large canvas size]. Automatically includes any accessories. Can do a simplified background upon request!

rendered scenestarts at 💵 80 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

♰ Every Additional Character is +$50

Fullbody drawn in a more "semi-realistic" style [large canvas size]. This type comes with shading and a detailed background with any kind of scenery. Automatically includes any accessories, armour, etc. Orders MUST be as detailed to make your commission as accurate as possible. Final price will be determined by scenery.

icon types

symmetrical icon💵 10 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

Symmetrical, forward-facing headshot on a 500x500 canvas, with coloured lines & optional coloured background (canvas may be cropped to a more appropriate size when drawing is complete).

profile icon💵 35 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

♰ Shading = $15
♰ Couples Icon = $30
♰ Detailed Background = $25

Large Icon featuring a headshot/bust of your character. Automatically includes any accessories and a simplified background. Can be dynamic or symmetrical.

references and customs

custom designs💵 price varies

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

Simple = $5-10
Semi-Complex = $15-30
Complex = $40-50
Ultra Complex = $60-70
Replication Nightmare = $80-100+

custom designs are only available with reference sheet orders!
if you wish to order a custom design, you need to select mini or standard reference sheet. this section is for providing design examples.

MINI reference sheet💵 55 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

Eye Close-up & Small/Simple Accessories may be added for free!

Automatically includes; 1 fullbody, 1 headshot, base pallet, name, gender identity, pronouns. Background can be transparent or a simple colour.

STANDARD reference sheetstarts at 💵 65 usd

⛧⋅☽⋅───༺ ♰ ༻───⋅☾⋅⛧

*Complex existing designs and/or accessories may require additional charges!*

♰ 1 Bust = $15
♰ 1 Chibi Fullbody = $20
♰ 1 Chibi w/ Accessories = $25

Automatically includes; 2 fullbodies (left and right), 1 headshot, base pallet, eyes close-up, nose and paws detail, name, gender identity, pronouns. Additional text may be added for free!

Terms of service

I, THE ARTIST, DO NOT CONDONE ANY OF MY CREATIONS BEING USED AS NFTS OR USED IN AI GENERATION, PROGRAMS, ETC. DO NOT REPRODUCE, EDIT, OR ALTER MY ARTWORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.By commissioning the artist, the client consents and agrees to the terms and service contents listed below. The terms and conditions listed within the artist's "Terms of Service" are non-negotiable. Intentional breakage of this terms of service will result in being blocked on social media, blacklisted from any future business transactions, and denied future contact for direct communication.

General Terms and Conditions

┊⛧┊ I retain full rights to reject or cancel any transactions between me and the client. In the event that a paid commission is canceled for any reason and the order has not been completed, the client will be refunded based on the commission's completion stage.

┊⛧┊ You must be 16 or older to commission me. Orders from anyone younger will be rejected. I do not risk receiving money from younger teens, sorry!

┊⛧┊ Do not remove my watermark under any circumstances.

┊⛧┊ Please behave in a semi-professional or casual/friendly manner when discussing commission orders or any other business transaction with me. Harassment, discrimination, and poor behavior will not be tolerated. I maintain the right to refuse services, cancel an order with a partial refund, and/or blacklist a client for continually harassing me or breaking the terms of service.

┊⛧┊ I am not responsible for the client changing their social media handles, or other forms of contact, and not informing me of these changes. Please contact me directly if you change your username.

┊⛧┊ Flat prices and quotes for complex orders are final. Any form of begging or haggling will not be tolerated. Repeatedly attempting to get free or discounted artwork will result in being blocked from any form of communication.

┊⛧┊ Purchasing designs for scalping, or otherwise flipping them for a higher profit, is strictly prohibited.

┊⛧┊ TURNAROUND TIME varies depending on the complexity of the client's order and character design. Clients should expect a waiting time of anywhere from 1-4 weeks to a maximum of 3-5 months. Please keep in mind that I am disabled. Turnaround time may be temporarily disrupted from time to time.

┊⛧┊ Details regarding the commission order must be given, and accepted, before payment is received. It is the cilent's responsibility to provide me with the information needed. This includes but is not limited to; reference sheets, poses, background details, etc.

┊⛧┊ Commission orders will not be added to my trello queue until the order has been accepted and payment has been received. Payments are currently accepted through kofi and paypal. Prices are USD based and all payments must be sent as USD. If you need help regarding currency conversion, click here for a free conversion calculator.

┊⛧┊ Full payments only. I do not accept partial payments or payment plans at this time.

┊⛧┊ Once a commission order has been approved, the client has 3 days [72 hours] to send payment. If full payment has not been sent by the time 72hrs are up, the slot becomes available again to the public.

┊⛧┊ Deadlines demanded by the client are not permitted.

┊⛧┊ Updates will be given to the client periodically while the commission is being completed. A sketch will also be sent for feedback and approval. If I do not receive any responses to the sketch, I will assume that it has been approved and will complete the artwork as is.

┊⛧┊ I am not responsible for the client's lack of communication with me during the commission process. What you order is what you will receive.

┊⛧┊ EDIT REQUESTS are freely permitted during the sketching phase. Once the sketch has been approved, any future edit requests will result in additional fees, with the fee amount depending on the type of edit being requested.Please note that constantly requesting various edits, and never being satisfied, may result in your order being canceled and receiving a 75% refund.If there are markings, accessories, or additional details missing, that were originally clarified in your order, or directly communicated to me during the commission process, I will correct the issue as soon as I can!

┊⛧┊ CHARACTER SWAPS are allowed during the sketch phase. If you wish to change any characters for your commission, please notify me before or during the sketch feedback phase.

┊⛧┊ In the event that an order is canceled and refunded, and the work is unfinished or partially completed, I retain full rights to alter and reuse the artwork in order to cover the loss.

if you wish to purchase or commission a design specifically for creating premade fursuits, please contact me directly.All purchases with the intent of resale as a premade fursuit must be approved by me first. These designs are considered a commercial purchase, and will have a flat-rate commercial charge based on the design. Unless the design is for an official mascot with merchandise, I will never insist on royalties.

✓ will draw ✓

  • Any kind of feline or canine/candid

  • Hares/rabbits, rodents, etc

  • Most fantasy creatures

  • Canon Characters (ex: warriors)

  • Clothing, armour, weaponry

  • Most kinds of accessories

  • Blood, injury, minor gore, etc

  • Artistic nudity, minor/soft nsfw

  • If I can replicate it, I will draw it!

✘ won't draw ✘

  • characters w/ pawprints on thighs

  • fascist symbolism and dogwhistles

  • hateful propaganda, discrimination

  • super detailed or extreme gore

  • babyfur/cub or lolicon

  • any kind of feral nsfw

  • most kinks or fetishes (ask first)

  • explicit NSFW - not comfy yet

  • human/oids (for now, im practicing!!)

  • anything too complicated to replicate

Refund Policy

┊⛧┊ Refunds are available 1.5 months [45 days] after the commission has officially been accepted AND paid for. If you are eligible for a refund and wish to have your order canceled, please CONTACT THE ARTIST DIRECTLY. The client will receive a refund directly from the artist. Refunds are based on the commission's completion stage.

┊⛧┊ If I am unable to complete the client's order for any reason, the client will be directly contacted and receive a 100% refund.

┊⛧┊ Tips are non-refundable.

┊⛧┊ Once a design commission has been completed and received, or flat-priced or auctioned design has been purchased, the sale is final. Designs are non-refundable.

┊⛧┊ I am not financially responsible for the client's relationships with other people. I do not allow refunds for completed artwork involving other peoples' characters. By commissioning me, you are fully aware that these orders will not be refunded.

┊⛧┊ I maintain full rights to immediately blacklist a client if the client is found supporting, endorsing, or otherwise participating in things such as zoophilia, pedophilia, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, racism, nazism, zionism, etc. In the event that a client is blacklisted for the following reasons above, they will ONLY receive a 25% refund.

0% completion :: 100% refund
25% completion :: 75% refund
50% completion :: 50% refund
75% completion :: 25% refund
100% completion :: No refund

🔻 IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING REFUNDS AND CHARGEBACKS 🔻the artist is responsible for sending refunds to the client, not paypal/kofi/etc. if you wish to receive a refund on an in-process order, please contact me directly. i will respond and send you the appropriate amount as soon as possible!If a client proceeds to file a chargeback despite; no communication with the artist, already receiving refund, receiving a completed order, or paying for a non-refundable item (adoptable design, p2u lines, etc) - the artist will fight the chargeback ontop of blacklisting the client for scamming/fraud.

Copyright Policy

┊⛧┊ The artist maintains full rights and copyright for all of their creations. These creations may be used for public posting on any social medias, art-based websites, or galleries on any official accounts owned by them. They may also be showcased in portfolios or advertisements, provided as examples of their work, etc.Never claim the artist's artwork as your own creation. Doing so repeatedly will result in being blacklisted from any future commissions or sales.

┊⛧┊ All commission orders are considered personal by default and fall under non-commercial usage. CLIENTS CANNOT USE NON-COMMERCIAL ORDERS FOR PROFIT OR ANY FORM OF MERCHANDISE. However, the client may use the artwork they ordered for personal use however they see fit.

┊⛧┊ When purchasing a design, ownership of the design purchased will always be the client's to keep. Major altercations or complete redesigns are permitted. However, credit towards the artist for the original design must be kept. Claiming the artist's original design as your own creation is prohibited.

┊⛧┊ Any commissioned or bought artwork should not be re-uploaded to ART-SITE GALLERIES without explicit permission (examples; DeviantART, FurAffinity, etc). Other websites are fine, as long as proper credit is given towards me and any official accounts I own are listed or tagged. If I already have it posted on any official accounts I own, I would appreciate if the original post was retweeted, reblogged, shared, etc.If you wish to use any artwork you commissioned or bought as a decoration piece in your coding, CSS, personal website, character storage, excreta, please include proper credit with any official accounts I own.